FleetOptimo Sustainability

Reduce your carbon footprint, more sustainable and eco-friendly is the planet for future generations.

FleetOptimo™ is your green partner in route optimisation. By automatically finding the shortest / optimal routes between stops, it can reduce carbon emissions and boost efficiency while engaging customers with greener processes! Moreover, the amount of paper used for printing pick-up rounds, delivery notes, collection notes manifests and other documents in day to day operations, FleetOptimo™ digitises the entire process, adding to your sustainability vision.

With sustainability becoming more and more urgent, it is no surprise that most executives / 3PL business owners want to stay on top of their game. The question is how?

At FleetOptimo™ we can help you achieve sustainability as follows:

  • Reduced fuel consumption with automated routing and telematics
  • Decreased reverse logistics miles via better customer communication and delivery tracking
  • Decrease in unplanned / ad-hoc milk-runs or repeat trips with real-time visibility
  • Reduction in wasteful trips by giving the consignees the ability to self-schedule deliveries at a day and time convenient to them
  • Reducing use of paper and ink by over 90% digitising interactions between operations, drivers, warehouse operatives and customers and also reducing wasteful printing of pick-up rounds, Delivery manifests, Delivery Notes etc.

The sustainability initiatives that companies implement need to be applied holistically across the entire supply chain. For these efforts, end-to-end visibility and connectivity are required for a holistic approach toward progress in this area of business practice

A company’s commitment toward sustainable development cannot solely stem from its corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy but must extend into all aspects of subsequent operations, including production processes, distribution networks etc.; otherwise, it would simply fall short of delivering your promised reduction in Carbon Footprint. FleetOptimo™ can help you achieve this vision.