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Plan. Book. Schedule. Route. Deliver. ePOD. Instant Feedback…Saving you labour,
money and fuel with complete last-mile fleet visibility and exceptional delivery experience.

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Fleetoptimo™ - Your Complete Fleet Management Software

FleetOptimo™ is the smart Fleet Planning, Scheduling, Automatic Route Optimisation, Self-Service Delivery Experience, Communication and Tracking with a 360 degrees view on the fulfilment status Customer Feedback and more…all packaged in a single platform. A must-have for current-day complex supply chain warehousing, logistics, and distribution business models that need more than just last mile visibility and route optimisation.


FleetOptimo™ can be rapidly configured to your individual business requirements.

FleetOptimo™ can be rapidly configured to your individual business requirements. You can also take electronic POD (proof of deliveries) and get insightful metrics and insights on each delivery/milk-run, creating a culture for continuous improvement. With full control and visibility over your fleet, motivated staff and streamlined processes you will most certainly achieve true operational excellence.

About Us
Organise_your _Fleet Organise_your _Fleet
Organise your Fleet

Set up your Postcodes, zones, vehicles, drivers, assistants. Bring in your daily orders / deliveries either through API integrations to other platforms or CSV upload. Set up your zone-wise / day-wise delivery logic.

Schedule-deliveries Schedule-deliveries
Schedule deliveries

Give customers the freedom to choose delivery dates based on available options. ( Self service). Set individual Van capacity.

Optimise & Route Optimise & Route
Optimise & Route

Optimise and sequence routes for each van/truck based on several routing parameter options - fastest, avoid toll, farthest first, avoid traffic jams, shortest route etc.

enhance enchance.jpg
Enhance CX (Customer Experience)

Improve your Customer’s Experience by sharing visibility of the delivery vehicle for them to track arrival times. Investigate any route diversions to proactively update the customer. Address any customer complaints in real time and take feedback upon delivery.

Review reports and metrics Review reports and metrics
Review reports and metrics

Intuitive dashboards allow you to analyse daily / periodical deliveries according to a variety of parameters: Successful, Failed, On-time, Delayed, by Van/Driver.

enhance enhance
Enhance Driver Experience

The Driver App allows drivers to receive the delivery details for each customer in the correct sequence, send and receive alerts, message, take pictures, ePOD, eSign and get Customer feedback and rating for social feeds.


Why Choose FleetOptimo™?


Ever-green technology

Built on Java, React, Angular, SQL and AI, FleetOptimo™ is futuristic and easy maintenance compared to other technologies.


Powerful AI engine

Fleetoptimo™ can operate at scale, ranging from a fleet size of 10 to 1000 and more. And that is possible with the latest technology coupled with world-class secure and scalable Cloud infrastructure in AWS.


Cloud-Agnostic Scalable, Secure Architecture

Fleetoptimo™ can scale with your operations - fleet size of 10 to 1000 and more. Totally Agnostic to any Cloud, it can work in any cloud platform like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud, depending on your IT roadmap.


Robust and Seamless Integration

The command centre / admin on the web app helps you centralise your fleet operations. Combined with the intuitive Driver App, it improves productivity with no room for errors or omissions.


Fully- SMAC ready!

Fleet Optimo™ is fully enabled with Social Media, Mobile, Anaytics and Cloud features, which means your business can benefit from social media posts and feedback, get operational insights on driver productivity, labour and fuel costs etc. The platform can be deployed on any Cloud - Private or Public (AWS/Google/Azure)


Optional RFID Automation

With our UHF RFID solution, you can pick, pack, load and dispatch your orders/consignments to your end-customers more efficiently, saving you significant time and money. You can also track the condition of the items being delivered in transit (e.g. temperature)


Transparent Communication

The beauty of Fleetoptimo™ lies in smart, integrated communication between your command-centre and customers, command-centre and drivers and drivers and customers. Enabled with audit-trails for quality and training purposes


100% Visibility of Fleet

Now you can view entire your fleet in a single Map, send and receive alerts, monitor driving speeds, fuel consumption, daily distances covered and many more - all to ensure safety and wellbeing of Drivers and Van condition while at work.


Optimised Turn-Around-Time (TAT)

You can now have a committed field workforce who value time, strive to deliver and get back to base in a timely manner. After all, time saved is money saved


British Company

We have over 18 years of local presence in the UK and EU region, successfully operating other businesses in the past. As such, we understand the pain-points and needs of fleet-intensive supply chain operations like no one else. It also means your data is safe and compliant to GDPR laws.


Flexible Licensing & Commercial Model

We are flexible to consider both options of perpetual (on-premise) license or subscription (SaaS) model - whatever financial principles that you follow. We guarantee an unmatched RoI as comparable to other known brands.


Industry Agnostic And Rapidly Configurable

Fleetoptimo™ is designed to be Industry agnostic. It is fully configurable to your Brand, industry, business process and requirements with the ability to deploy at scale


Reduce operating costs

Using Fleetoptimo™ over time will provide a measurable reduction of operational costs. This will be in terms of fleet maintenance, fuel consumption, optimal hours of work, streamlined lean processes .


Efficiency Gains in Fleet Operations

Fleetoptimo™ visibly accelerates operational efficiency of your fleet operations whilst saving you significant time and money


Improve your NPS and accelerate growth

You can demonstrate consistency and reliability of fulfilment through increased rate of timely and successful deliveries. More positive feedback means more repeat business and sustainable growth.


Transform Your Fleet Operations to Achieve Business Excellence & Profitability


Why not use our RoI Calculator Tool and see for yourself if this is amazing platform is for you or no? Especially when you are unsure whether FleetOptimo™ is the right fitment for your business and justifies the investment.


Don’t take our word for it. Simply request for a demo and see how FleetOptimo™ can be exploited to transform and grow your business through operational excellence and reduced run costs.