How it works

How FleetOptimo™ Works

Built for greater brand recall and business growth 

FleetOptimo™ offers the necessary tools you need to create excellent experiences from order to delivery — and beyond.


It is a highly flexible and scalable white-labelled platform for all businesses that have to rely heavily on their own or outsourced fleet operations. This means you will have more customers who are loyal to your brand through a greater customer delivery experience.

FleetOptimo™ has worked brilliantly in the real world and is designed to give customers visibility and control over their orders. Our SaaS platform is designed for scale and can fulfil large order volumes, a large fleet of trucks/vans while ensuring reliability, efficiency and speed.

Efficient Fleet Operations Start From Digitising The Inventory and Warehouse

Whether it is loading and unloading orders in the right sequence, picking, packing and dispatching, updating stock in real-time, tracking and recalling pallets, FleetOptimo™ does it all.

True efficiency starts from managing your inventory and warehouse in smarter ways than the traditional auto-ID technologies like Barcode, NFC, QR. FleetOptimo™ uses UHF RFID technology ( as an optional extra) to give you accurate and speedy reconciliation of inventory, the ability to track, pick and pack items in real-time from the right location within the warehouse, truck loading logic etc., saving you time, effort and money.

How FleetOptimo™ Works

FleetOptimo™ SaaS Cloud-Based solution for hyper-scale trucks, orders and routes

Conventional On-premises stand-alone fleet solutions can’t handle dynamic increases in orders — and neither can other SaaS solutions that aren’t designed for large volumes.

The FleetOptimo™ cloud-based system can scale dynamically from planning, assigning jobs, scheduling, routing (a few trucks/vans to thousands), tracking, communicating and many other features instantly, with a great level of precision and no degradation of performance.

More than just a routing platform

Designed not only just to optimise routes, but also resource costs, improve fuel efficiency by reducing the total distance travelled by drivers, truck selection, and service tiers.

This means that in addition to decreasing fuel costs, you can also make full use of your vehicle size capacities/volumes and save your most skilled resources for the jobs that really require them.

Intuitive, easy to use with fast rollout and self-paced learning

FleetOptimo's cloud-based software and simple, easy-to-grasp interface allow users to be set up and onboarded rapidly.

Some systems require costly, time-consuming rollouts with high failure rates, but FleetOptimo helps you integrate our solution as painlessly as possible, whether you have a centralised or distributed distribution network. Integrations for telematics and other technologies are already built-in. If you need any further integrations to your own SCM system, we could easily achieve that by building APIs to achieve seamless integration.

Round-the-clock Support You 24/7

Having to call a human in another far-shore country/timezone (risk of lack in responsiveness)/ answering an IVR can be frustrating and lead to poor customer experience.

The FleetOptimo™ team are based in the UK ( in a similar timezone) and understand the business needs of our clients in the EMEA region, where time is of the essence. No more phone menus, no more robots. Connect with a live knowledgeable and friendly staff in the UK/EU who knows the product and can resolve your issues whenever they arise.

Access to self-paced learning resources and live/online help as necessary

FleetOptimo™ is incredibly intuitive and easy to use — but we know any new tool is easier when someone walks you through it.

We offer free customer training — live and online — presented by FleetOptimo™ specialists. That includes training for users in their free trial period, for new users at existing clients or even if you just need a refresher. We're here to help you do your job well by exploiting the full features of this amazing system.