Fleet-Optimo Features & Capabilities

FleetOptimo™ can be operated even by a school student. It’s that simple to learn and use, perfected through rich user experience wisdom - mainly from drivers and operations staff from the industry. Backed by decades of design and best of breed technology, every feature of FleetOptimo™ is purposeful and total value for your money.

Fleet Optimo™ is a complete AI based Web App

The Next Generation solution giving 100% visibility and control over your operations for you and and your customers… end-to-end

FleetOptimo™ has been designed to give our customers 100% control, efficiency and visibility of their last-mile deliveries. Agnostic to any industry, we’ve built an intelligent, reliable and fully configurable platform that removes bottlenecks, day-to-day pain-points for dispatchers, drivers, consignees, and operational teams. Moreover, having spent 18 years in the UK& EU, we better understand the needs of our customers in this region. FleetOptimo™ is an exhaustive solution helping you simplify every minute detail of your business needs, saving an incredible amount of time and money - most certainly, a wise choice for last mile logistics.

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Application Features and Capabilities


Fleet Optimo™ can be configured with your own brand/logo to ensure that your customers see your brand first. This aligns with our objective to ensure that your brand value and goodwill remain exceptional.


Fleet Optimo™ allows you to rapidly set-up and configure your staff, vans/trucks, thresholds, zones etc. and days of the week


End-customers/Consignees can choose the preferred date of delivery for their order/consignment as per the available days in the dynamic calendar link sent via e-mail/text.


Customers/Consignees will receive periodic communication at every stage of the delivery thereafter, keeping them informed throughout the process and giving them the option to re-schedule if necessary.


Fleet Optimo™ optimise the route for each truck/van automatically through our automatic routing engine by choosing key parameters like, least cost, fastest route, avoid toll, start from farthest first etc.


Our AI depends on rich, tamper-proof data. Our bolt-on RFID solution (optional) can you petabytes of data at source to automate tracking of both your fleet as well as the items in it, lowering your operational costs through speed and accuracy.


Our AI depends on rich, tamper-proof data. Our bolt-on RFID solution (optional) can you petabytes of data at source to automate tracking of both your fleet as well as the items in it, lowering your operational costs through speed and accuracy.


Fleet Optimo™ gives real-time daily visibility of all trucks/vans and their routes on a single console to your Ops team giving them full transparency and control on daily fleet operations.


Fleet Optimo™ gives your ops and customers the added advantage of tracking specific orders/deliveries from start to finish.


Our hand-held UHF RFID readers accelerate the Pick, Pack, Load and Dispatch functions accurately within your warehouse. Drivers can also download the Fleet Optimo™ Driver App on these devices from until delivery with digital customer signatures as PODs.


Many businesses still have a paper-based POD and signature and various forms. Fleet Optimo™ app can enable you to move on to digital signatures instead and digitise forms.


Your customers can now rate your services immediately and also share their feedback instantly on social media channels, increasing your chances of repeat and new business.


Fleet Optimo™ can now accommodate special orders like milk-runs, weekend, collections, exchange and milk-runs.


Fleet Optimo™ can automatically generate digitised delivery notes, delivery manifests and warehouse pick-pack and dispatch notes for every day runs across all trucks/vans.


The Fleet Optimo™ app can be gamified for drivers to be incentivised for improved delivery success rate, customer feedback and other parameters from options available.

The cornerstones of Fleet Optimo™

Scalable Routing

By giving you a robust set of routing tools, we enable you to find the most optimal vehicle/asset routes for your given parameters and generate highly-accurate ETAs—all at scale. This keeps your operational costs down and reduces the number of late deliveries to manage.

Our routing functionality offers:
  • Easy, fast, accurate route optimisation (through an API integration with Here Technologies) displayed on the dashboard
  • Continuous optimisation for new or amended way-points
  • Rapid calculation times for any volume of orders or vehicles/ assets
  • Customisable parameters for service time and other factors
  • Strategic route planning capabilities for managing seasonality, dynamically changing zones, optimising cycle frequencies, etc.

Seamless Delivery Tracking and Management

When it comes to the last mile, exceptions are the rule.

When your ETAs are accurate, there are fewer missed delivery windows to manage—but there will always be some exceptions to deal with on the day of delivery. Luckily, our delivery tracking and visualisation functionality is designed to provide a looking glass to offer proactive customer service.

The delivery tracking and management features that make that possible include:

  • Gain confidence about what’s going right in the last mile
  • Instantly spot and focus on exceptions
  • Significantly reduce inbound customer calls

Driver Management

Your best laid plans are only as good as their execution—and strong execution depends on rapid, easy driver communication. When you can add new stops to routes on the fly, you can maximise your deliveries per day and minimise your cost per delivery. When drivers can send status updates through the app, you gain real-time intelligence that can be leveraged into faster risk management.

To keep you and your drivers on the same page, our driver mobile app offers a number of features:
  • Easy integration with Android and iOS phones
  • Photo and video capture for proof of delivery (or attempted delivery)
  • Delivery alerts/updates that can be pushed to the driver in real time
  • Local storage for areas with no cell service
  • Rapid billing and settlement
  • Dynamic sequencing of deliveries based on any requests from consignee for re-scheduling
  • Ensuring the drivers clock-in no more than the standard hours of work everyday and

Customer Communication

Customers don’t want to call you for order statuses—and that feeling is usually mutual. By empowering constant, automated communication between dispatchers, drivers, and customers we help you to radically cut down phone time. Between real-time, customer-facing visibility and proactive customer support, you can turn on-time deliveries into customer loyalty.

Fleet Optimo™’s platform offers robust functionality for making the customer’s experience seamless and satisfying.

  • Live order tracker for customers
  • Optional self scheduling functionality
  • Automated customer communication via text, email, and phone